Welcome to Exiled Gamers, an EVE Corp.

Corp Data

The corp ticker is Ex-GI and the name is Exiled Gamers Industries.

In game, you can contact Cyric McNeil for info, or join our channel in game "Exiled Gamers", no quote.

We are a new corp, but we are not new to EVE. We are looking for a place to call home and will post it when we find one.

We are an English speaking corp. If your English is bad, your fine, as long as we can understand most of it.

Corp News and Info

We just moved to a new home, which is in the Amarr Empire. We are based in high-sec but we are also close to low-sec, as well as a reasonable distance from the Major Trade Hubs.

We offer Industrial Services and Shipping Services, as well as a location for mining, mission running, research, and production.

We are looking for help running the corp and have a few spots open. If your interested stop by and apply.

We play other games as well, like GW 1 and 2, including others such as, Epoch, an Arma 2/3 mod. Guild wars 2

Corp Contact Info

Contact info for the website is webmaster@exiledgamers.com
Please tell us why you are contacting us, and let us know how we can help you.

TS3 server is running but not fully set up as of yet. No port or password is needed and the address is exiledgamers.com Stop by some time, we might be on when you get here. If you would like to talk to us, send us an email.